3 Reasons Your Website Doesn’t Get Traffic!

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Reason #1
The website is not having a global meta description and keywords in it!

When it comes to Search engines they don’t crawl the dramatically rich sites based just on the graphics and richness of the website rather it actually needs meta description and proper keywords to get proper traffic. Zonic Digital Inc. is a digital marketing Company in California and we have a team of experts who will deal with search engine very closely for you and even optimize it! They will add relevant meta description and keywords the website on the configuration page; As the Search engine will foremost check the meta description of the particular website’s page to rank it for specific keywords. If you don’t have a description properly given then search engine will treat the content on these pages as description. Which indeed will have no benefits rather at Zonic we make sure to use right keywords and description for each and every page.

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Reason #2
The website has a lot of 404 error pages

For any website you need to try and avoid 404 pages but if some are found it won’t harm the website.
But having too many 404 pages is taken as:
1. Either you are playing a game with search engines and trying to fool them. .
2. your website is upgraded to new version but you failed to maintain the previous link structure causing 404 pages.
3. The website is too old and not looked after resulting in a lot of stall links.

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These reasons can have serious side effects on your SEO rankings and ultimately affects website traffic. At Zonic we do have web maintenance packages that will help stay relaxed as we will take care of the errors and updates of the website. Being a professional web design company we take due care of keeping all our clients happy and we believe in quality work and apt results every single time.

Reason #3
Your website is rarely updated and advertised

When you build a website, it needs to be nurtured and properly maintained. We at Zonic ensure that the is always updated and that there is always new content posted on the website on a regular basis. When websites are not taken care off it will will slowly lose traffic from search engines giving an adverse effect to the SEO and as a professional web design company you can be rest assured if your website is with us you need not worry!

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