3Mistakes Small Businesses Make In Web Design

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Today the world is interconnected and the online medium plays an integral part, websites help in the branding and marketing of every company. Any mistake in web design will affect your customer relationship resulting in a negative impact upon your business.
To avoid goof ups, avoid making the following mistakes:

Mistake #1
Website having Spelling and Grammar mistakes are fatal!
Spelling and grammar mistakes will make your Company’s website look unprofessional detracting your credibility. Usually, the message you’re sending out to the customers is more important than a small grammatical mistake, but the users will consider your business website unprofessional and they will not subscribe to the website updates or buy any kind of product or trust the service of your company if you have spelling errors and incorrect grammar. It is very important that we these errors are avoided and all the spelling on the website is proper. Zonic Digital Inc is a Web development Company and we offer web design in California for all the small business owners with very nominal rates and great deals.

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Mistake #2
Poor Navigation of the website and Internal Linking errors!

One of the most important aspect of any visitor experience on your company’s website is it’s usability. A properly designed navigation and internal linking system confirms that all crucial parts of your website can be reached quickly and are easily accessible otherwise it becomes frustrating experience for the visitors. Always remember that navigation within your website should be seamless by integrating sitemap for your website and Zonic will help you do so. We do create site maps and this will help you to navigate through the website very easily and without any hurdle.

Mistake #3
No Contact details and Social Media tabs

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Make sure your website has Contact us or About us page for the visitors contact you or know about the Company, have a simple inquiry or contact form is enough and also update Social pages like Twitter, your business Facebook page, site comments etc. The more likes you can manage to get the more you will get promoted. Zonic helps in digital marketing in California and takes care of all the social media management and helps you deal better management of all your pages.

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