A Brief Introduction Of Mobile Application Development

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The research of mobile technology has got the big success in mobile application development past few years and it is increasing day by day. There are many benefits using the mobile in recent market and usage. Mobile technology can be use in industrial and commercial usage. Web and mobile application are two main approaches that send solutions over the mobiles. The average usage of smart phone is one third according to the UK market. Mobile usage and internet access has become widely usage. They offer different kind of services and connectivity. They are developing now 4G networks for better speed. They are also investing new version in HTML is HTML 5. it is under development. It has many benefits like offline support, multi media, and also interactivity. Mobile applications have many advantages among the web. Mobile Applications Services give good level of interactivity which are suitable for device hardware. GPS is very good example of it. A new version of Windows mobile system invention by Microsoft with the windows Phone 7 it is mainly focusing client’s usage. Mobile technologies list are quite long. It also depends on the particular platforms which help to decide the target. Every platform has particular software development kit like Java, c, c++. It has its own tools for testing, debugging and for the development.

mob-2Apart from choosing particular mobile platform SMS can be sending and delivered through the any mobile to the any mobile. But still it has a problem that massage delivered is not guaranteed. Very few mobiles give the notification of delivering SMS. Android is operating system invented by google. It has been able to get the successful platform for many mobiles. It provides Varity of software’s and applications.  It also gives the flexibility with the compare to the other platforms running in a market. Google android system is opposite of Apple. However the market of google phones is very strong as they are affordable so any class of people can use it. Android is good at web searching.

The iPhone, Apple platform is quite unique platform. The Mobile Application Development California has huge market of Iphones in US. It is unlike any phones. The application, web browsing, navigation etc are awesome features with the compare to the android and other mobiles. It also supports well for the other utilities like calc, Microsoft Exchange which is different than android platform. It gives high quality and reliability for the users. It has great features with the attractive visual graphics and models what the brand is famous for. Iphone is currently very famous and mostly being used platform base for personal usage or for commercial too.

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