Ecommerce Is Not Just For Global Business

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Ecommerce has made the playing field level for both small businesses and global business. The small business is able to reach from Beijing to Los Angeles or from San Francisco to Seoul. Many banks and financial service providers are scampering to include the global small businesses in their network as they are doing more business across the globe. While eBay is focal point for small businesses to sell their products across the world, there are many ecommerce portals run by small and medium companies who are able to give same or more discounts than global companies.

Catalog system or product inventory module helps the business to display their products on the website. The catalog system should be linked to their internal inventory management as they should be able to sell the products which they have or procure as needed. The component provides multilevel of categories to be created dynamically (by the data management team) and the changes made in the inventory system will reflect in the catalogs displayed on the ecommerce website.

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The shopping cart module will provide the customers to purchase the items they require and the quantity they require with just click of their mouse and it is easy to add or remove items until the payment is not made. The shopping cart module will make sure that the inventories of items are reduced after the completion of the purchase (payment) so that customers will not buy items which the company does not have in stock.

The payment gateway is a integral part of the shopping cart as the transaction is complete only after the payment is made. Credit cards are common payment method but, pay pal and debit cards are being used to pay for products and services online. The security of the transactions is ensured by third party security companies who encrypt and decrypt the data to ensure safe transaction.

The Shipping module is linked to the shipping companies who are well prepared to cater to the global small businesses.

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