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Just when we thought all the websites in the world are already made and only few new ones will be required, the mobile revolution started. The smart phones, tablets and hand held devices are the main source of internet connectivity and if the websites are skewed when you open in the smart phone, it is a big problem.  This revolution requires rejig of every website out there and the companies, organisations and individuals need to make sure that every one of the website is updated at least to open in a mobile browser if not as an application.

The mobile enabled websites are going through the same problems which the online browsers had. The different operating systems like IOS Android and many more adds to the complexity of mobile based development.  But, there are few tools available which are common for most of the operating systems like HTML5. When the website development was easy for anybody to do it without the help of the professionals but, it is not so for mobile development.

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The process requires first revamping the existing website to make it mobile enabled. The website may have multiple templates one for online website and one for mobile. This only means that the website can be customized to the different sizes of the mobile screens (3”, 7” or 10” etc). The mobile template makes sure that all the information is displayed vertically with scroll with right and left panels are also, arranged vertically. The mobile app is a different development which has to adhere to the operating system and unless the common tools are used which can work in all operating systems, the mobile app has to be developed or customized for each operating system like IOS, Windows or Android.

There are several companies which provide these development services but, it is important to choose the right one as it requires long term relationship to develop and maintain the websites professionally. is a professional web design company who has staffs who study the requirements and make sure that they are with the client for long period of time. They provide mobile application development services and they are one of the well-knowngraphic design companies in San Jose and California.

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