Logo Design – Types And Formats!

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When we Think of logo, all we think is one single image or text saved in one single file type. But there is much more to logo the way it is created, the types of logo to be created plays an important part brand building in San Jose or anywhere around the world.

Some of the most essential types of logos are:


● Master Logo – The master logo is the main logo. Usually, it has extra elements like the establishment date, location etc. to make a special statement. It makes your brand in all its glory. You can use it for signage, packaging, shopping bag, or even brochure cover.


● Logotype – This term refers to a logo where the typography is the hero all on its own. Example like Disney and Google of famous logotypes are best to explain.


● Mark – The mark could be an icon or symbol that’s part of the primary logo, or it may stand on its own as a totally separate brand element. I tend to use the mark to support the brand in places where the business name already appears (so as not to be repetitive) and/or where the full logo would be too large. Think social media avatar, website favicon, or one side of a business card. For many brands, the mark becomes a standalone element, so strong it can stand alone and still be enough to recognize the brand like Apple and Nike.

The logo creation in San Jose should even take care of things like, your brand color palette and typography.



Let’s see the common file types you’ll likely encounter with your final logo and when to use them.


● EPS – it’s a vector file. This file has tremendous scalability and can be used everywhere right from your business cards to flex or billboard printing, while maintaining sharp quality off the logo. EPS logo file have a transparent background.


● JPG – This is a raster file, that’s made up of tons of little dots or pixels that make up the image. JPG files with a high resolution are great for print, but don’t have the same scalability as vector image. When JPG file is enlarged more than its intended size, it will begin to break down and look pixelated. JPG logo will always have a white background, which can limit their usefulness.


● PNG – PNG can only be saved in the web-ready color mode of RGB. Remember, PNG files should be used for digital or web applications. PNG files usually have a transparent background.

There are many more important expects to logo designing and we can help you in the best way for logo designing in San Jose.

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