Marketing And Promoting Products Online

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Most of the multinational companies are increasing the budget for the online marketing and promoting their company and products. But, if a proper online marketing plan is not followed, lot of money will be wasted before getting the desired results. Unlike the conventional advertisement where proper plan is created to decide on the OOH locations, target markets can be specifically identified, the online advertisement will be off the target if careful planning is not done. Take the example of google AdSense. If an internet user searches for certain product, the Adsense would start stalking the person all over the internet. This is annoying to the user as they keep seeing the same ad again and again where ever they go even though, the user is not interested in the product anymore. I was annoyed by one specific ad following me everywhere for a product which I searched once and did not need it anymore. I decided to teach them a lesson so I started purposely clicking on the ad every time it showed up. I am sure google made lot of money and the website where the ad showed up made money but, the advertiser would have lost due to no fault of theirs.


This is comparable to a sales person following you everywhere you go asking if he can be of any help. It is annoying in a super marketing and I am sure it is annoying online also. There is another major problem with the pay per click model. Several work from home companies are employing people to just click on the ads all over the world. it is difficult to see the pattern in this as it is done from many places around the world. This also makes a dent on the company’s online budget without giving the required results. The advertisement and marketing plan of the company should be closely monitored to see the results and strategy must be changed according to the results.

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