Mobile Internet Revolution Has Begin

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The mobile internet has increased the internet use many fold from just few years ago. This has opened up many avenues for companies to market their products and services. The internet marketing was growing slowly with many companies setting aside at least five to ten percent of their marketing budget to the internet marketing. But with the phenomenal growth in mobile internet, the budget would definitely increase substantially.

Earlier, it was very difficult for the internet marketing to reach the local customers based on their location or for specific markets. But, with the mobile internet, whole new avenue has opened wherein the advertisements or product messages can reach specific markets based on the mobile connections and location. The marketing is after all reaching the right potential customer at the least cost.  The social media also is a big avenue for the mobile marketing companies to reach the right demographics.  The social media has developed applications on mobile which are frequently used by the consumers and the internet plans are designed to make sure that the social media is available with least cost.  Just when Facebook was declining in popularity, the mobile internet has given a big shot in the arm.  Facebook and many other social networks are showing substantial revenue growth through mobile marketing. There are several mobile developers who are writing  mobile applications, games and other interfaces just for social networks.

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The companies which were not inclined to web marketing have started developing marketing strategies which as specific to the mobile web. They find this very attractive to reach their message to their customers and potential customers at the least cost. This revolution has given fresh boost to the web marketing companies as well as to the web and mobile developers.  The email is soon becoming outdated and email market would soon be replaced with social media, micro blogging sites as well as the chat interfaces.  One of the well-known company in mobile and internet marketing is GoZonic which has customer base in internet marketing and mobile marketing. The professional digital marketing companies are providing several Digital Marketing Solutions which include the mobile application development solutions and Mobile Apps Development Services.

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