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Even though the internet speed has increased drastically, some of the website which are developed several years ago, are very slow to load. This is due to the fact that the old websites are not optimized. it is important to update the website with new technology instead of just updating the content.

High internet speed has reduced the patience of internet users and they do not wait for the slow websites to open. The very purpose of using the website as the marketing tool is lost if the potential customers are turned away because of the slow website.

There are many reasons for the website to be slow. Technology is one big reason for the websites to be slow. The technology earlier was not developed to handle large video and picture files and waiting for all the items to load before displaying the website would take long time. If the websites are linked to the databases, then the website speed would depend on the amount of data which is being fetched during the display would determine the speed. Also, the websites were not optimized earlier which resulted in slow speed.

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The website technology which actually separates the content, videos, pictures and webpages and loads as and when needed is a good optimized website. The technology has improved dramatically where even the websites are displayed in mobile devices where speed is a constraint. Therefore, it is important to update not just website content but, technology so that the website can be a very potential marketing avenue for the company to market and sell their products and services.

one of the major optimization technique used in recent websites is in handling the videos and pictures. The videos are not played as the website opens. The website opens first with the videos are available for viewing but, are not loaded. The user has to perform an action (click) on the start button for the video and only then the video is played. This helps unnecessary loading if the user is not interested in watching the videos. The same technique is applied for pictures where only the small picture is shown and if need be larger picture will be shown.

The website development company Gozonic has professionals with technology experience who can make the website load faster and optimized. Gozonic helps clients in not only upgrade their website to new technology, but, also in developing new websites.

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