Search Engine Marketing

What is S.E.M?

★ Search engine marketing or commonly known as SEM is a form of Internet marketing involving the marketing and promotion of the website by increasing its visibility in the search engine results pages through optimization and advertising which is mostly paid. SEM can be said to be the acting force for marketing of any particular website in order to improve its performance and visibility and to get on the various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN and Bing.

Types of S.E.M :-

Search Engine Optimization- It’s a process where techniques are applied and implemented to improve a website's search engine keyword rankings in the organic, or the unpaid search results.

Paid Search Engine Marketing - PPC or pay per click or PPA or where a particular websites ads are placed by the search engine through that particular search engine's SEM programs that they run like Google AdWords, is a Paid SEM or advertizing option given by Google, wherein the business owner or the advertisers pay only when a customer clicks on the particular displayed ad, In AdWords it’s termed as CPC aka cost per click as well as cost-per-thousand-impressions or cost per mille aka CPM, AdWords also offers site-oriented advertising for text, banners, and other rich-media ads, including remarketing. AdWords campaign includes local, national, and international distribution for ad to be displayed as you can set it as per geographical location too.

Budget for Pay Per Click

The budget for the PPC Ad campaign is entirely dependent on you, you can start a with a minimum daily budget of $5 or $500 a day or more, it depends on the level you want the promotion to take place and the more the budget the more time your Ad will get on the search engine.

How PPC works?

create an add

Create an Ad that suits your target wall

Appropriate Keywords

Select the appropriate keywords

Bid for the keywords

Bid for the keywords

Searh Engine

Your website link appears on the search engine


You only pay for the clicks that you recieve

Benefits of PPC

Today every penny spent matters when we talk of spending on marketing and the benefit of PPC is that you have measures based on conversions down to the ad that is displayed and keyword in order to know what’s working for you really and what’s not.

Google AdWords lets you target consumers based on city level location or select a targeted radius around a zip code, state, country, or add in regions of interest.

The levels of control that you get over paid campaign that Google AdWords offers are really astonishing:-

  • Which keyword searches will trigger your ad
  • Physical location of the customer
  • Time of day
  • Days of week you want your ad to display
  • You may get the ad campaign targeted to a particular season
  • You can select the display network you want the ad to be targeted
  • Device type
  • You can change the Ad position

Free Exposure online
One reason that makes paid search valuable for campaign branding is the fact that you are only paying when someone clicks on your ad in PPC mode, while it gives you additional views of the ad and company name for free when not clicked on.

Why Zonic?

Analyze your services
Evaluate the demand for your product or service that your Company offers, the searches made by consumers online on the search engine.

Strategize Budget
We work to understand and further establish priorities for the campaign and set the desired budget for your PPC campaign.

Maintain the right balance
Creating the right balance between both the organic search and paid search is the key to search engine marketing success.

Visibility and leads
We monitor your ad and work to increase the visibility of the business website among current customers hence helping generate qualified leads

Review the Ad on regular basis
At Zonic Digital Inc. each client is very important to us and we have Google certified experts who will closely monitor your ad campaign position, measure the ad / keyword performance used in the Ad, accordingly adapting the best strategy that will benefit your business.

Fees for Pay Per Click

We charge 20% of your total monthly budget as the management fees for the Ad campaign.