Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your business website reach to the top of the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN etc. It is inevitable for any Company to put in efforts to get their Company position reach the top of search engine result page. To assure increase in traffic and sales websites needs to be optimized. With almost 60% of all the search results being organic and shows up as a result of SEO.

Key Benefits of SEO?

Why US?

At Zonic we believe that every client is very important and that is why we have created a unique strategy with the help of our SEO experts who are always updated with the latest techniques.

SEO is a technical process, involving many steps that we look after once we start working for a website.

Our Work Flow:


The organic SEO service of Zonic includes the following points for the website SEO Optimization:-

Website Analysis: It is the prime and most important part of the SEO process as the structure, coding and content of the website and it determines how the SEO done will affect the website ranking. We analyze the whole website for technical errors as well as the authenticity of the website thoroughly and rectify any errors and do the needful changes that are needed to be done.

Keyword analysis Keyword analysis is the base of any website’s Search Engine Optimization plan. Choosing the correct keywords will help you target the right customers to find your website and booming up sales in return. It’s a strategy that requires time and energy. At Zonic, our SEO experts have the experience in finding the appropriate, keywords that are high-performance for your website.

On Page Optimization: Search engines like Google use “robots” that analyze the coding of the website to determine and conclude as to where the website ranks in search results. Our team SEO professionals will look into the core of the website and optimize it to achieve the best results. Google sees your website as important and worthy of a top ranking due to the coding and keyword placement that is done by us.

It Includes:

Off Page Optimization: After the keyword analysis and On-page optimization is done, Our main concentration stays on Off-page optimization. In Off-page optimization many aspects are involved right from creating blogs, sharing the information and links about your website online known as backlinking, helping Google go through your website faster when a user searches for a keyword.

It Includes:

Zonic Digital Inc does White Hat SEO ; which will give your website 100% result in terms of rankings that will stay stable and organic SEO will have definite benefit on your website on a long run.